Band Details


 Oliver / Dawson Saxon is the new band launched by SAXON founders Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson.

Graham Oliver (guitar) and Steve Dawson (bass) are two of the most legendary figures on the British rock scene, and the inspiration for Spinal Tap. It was the Oliver/Dawson song-writing skills that defined SAXON’s 1980’s success, and their playing gave SAXON the sound that propelled them to superstardom. Now their writing prowess is augmented by Wardi’s contribution, creating an instant new catalogue of rock classics.

Their latest album ‘Motorbiker’ clearly demonstrates that Oliver and Dawson have lost none of the song-writing skills that created all of Saxon’s early hits, much lauded by the likes of Lady Gaga and Metallica’s Lars Ulrich.

Oliver / Dawson Saxon tour regularly, performing a critically acclaimed set of their new songs, peppered with their Saxon classics.