Band Details

Are you fed up with all the melodic crap that has emerged from Sweden during the last years? Have you given up the hope for the Swedish scene? Did you in fact think it was dead? Well, you were dead wrong mate - the blasting mayhem of INSISION will surely make you bang your head once again!
Brutal, relentless and direct...INSISION are not for the faint hearted.
After a varied career and numerous releases, INSISION signed a deal with the U.S. label Severed Records in 2011. The first release was the EP ‘End Of All’ in June 2011, containing 5 tracks of epic brutal death metal. The EP was recorded just outside Stockholm at Studio Off Beat with the dedicated engineer Anders Eriksson.
The band followed the release in 2012 with the ‘15 Years of exaggerated Torment (Sevared Records 2012)15 Years of exaggerated Torment (Sevared Records 2012)15 Years of Exaggerated Torment’ album - once again through Severed Records. It was a compilation of old tracks and demo and live songs with some new recordings.
The band is currently working on new recordings.
Carl Birath - Vocals
Roger Johansson - Guitar
Joel Andersson - Bass
Markus Jonsson – Drums
Session Guitar - Adam Ramis