Band Details

REVERTED is a British metal band from Camden, London, formed in summer 2010 with members Tony (vocals), Ozzy (drums), Lui (bass) and Daniel (guitar).

The band´s influences are visible from the get go and are executed to perfection, with tearing and decisive drums that never lack intention or conviction, while guitars and bass complement and work together in a perfect harmony.

Lyrics are dark yet sharp words poetically written and fired by Tony’s signature weapon;


“aggressive tones with the right amount of melody”


The chemistry between the members is obvious from the start and the roaring rage of hard rock never lets go or disappoint

The Band released their first single “Tolerance” in 2011 with great reception. They are currently finalizing their first album, which is due to be released summer 2013 followed by a summer tour to be announced soon

London, United Kingdom

Tony Vega – Voice (United Kingdom)
Daniel Ruiz – Guitars (United Kingdom)
Luis L Valle – Bass (United Kingdom)
Ozzy Preciado – Drums (United Kingdom)



 Tolerance by Reverted from album "Sputter the Worms"