Band Details

M.ILL.ION was formed in Gothenburg by sensational bass player and songwriter B.J “Berra” Laneby. Inevitable lineup changes took place, but keeping true to their love to perform, the core of the band, Laneby and lead vocalist Ulrich Carlsson have celebrated being band mates since 1999. Stronger than ever before, the current M.ILL.ION line up consists of guitarist Andreas Grövle, keyboard player Angelo Modafferi and drummer Johan Häll. With a world-wide following, their most recent album, “Sane & Insanity,” went straight to the number one spot on the U.S. Import chart NEH, and made the prestigious “Album of the Year” list at the world’s most influential site for hard rock, melodicrock.com Ecstatic reviews have been flooding in about the band from day one: “A top production packed with melodic hard rock of the finest brand. Yes, it’s THAT DAMN GOOD!” -- Uber Rock (UK) M.ILL.ION has toured all over Europe as headliners and shared international stages with iconic musicians like Nazareth, Michael Schenker Group, TNT, Magnum, Pretty Maids, the original members of Saxon, Tony Martin of Black Sabbath and countless others. Their live shows are filled with manic energy that just blows audiences away. “Much like a heavy Deep Purple with overtures of Queenrsyche in the excellent guitar riffs…with the crowd singing along Million produced an excellent set…the band of the day!” --HardRock House, England Being described as “the perfect mix of classic rock, melodic metal and rock´n roll,” M.ILL.ION aims to please a crowd, no matter if it’s a small venue or an enormous stadium, and it shows. “Impossible catchy choruses and riff heavy rock. This is a band that can write radio friendly rock for the fun of it and these tracks are exactly that –potential airplay regulars. "Sane And Insanity" is the best M.ILL.ION album to date.”--Zero Day Rock (USA) Ultimate Metal (USA) says: A very underrated band. Their classic and melodic heavy rock songs are ace!