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Magician and Mentalist David Goldrake will be on tour through Europe again, after performing successful performances and sold out shows everywhere in Europe in 2013.

 “But every mystery that ever intrigued us is based on a reflection of our own desires, fears, and dreams.” Guided by that thought, the star magician from Luxembourg stages a full evening show calles "IMAGINARIUM - THE SECRET ARTS GALLERY" that moves the audience from tears to laughter and to breath taking moments. David Goldrake enchants his guests with spectacular illusions – most of them never shown before – as well as with romantic, almost melancholic classics of magic and innovative experiments of mentalism.

 Goldrake masters the premier art of magic – the mentalism – like no other. He is the only magician who is brave enough to perform one of Houdini’s most dangerous tricks “Triple Escape” worldwide. David Goldrake is known as a very talented entertainer and creative mind that gives his audience the chance to be part of the show live on stage, which is an easy task for him because of his excellent communication skills – he speaks seven languages fluently.

 Extraordinary sound and light effects as well as a visionary created stage designs by astonishing 3D video mapping will transform the stage into the perfect setting for the magical actions and set the audience in the right mood for the next part of the show.

 Our European neighbors already know and love the magician from Luxembourg. Goldrake did perform at the famous venue „Magic Castle“ in Hollywood in 2002, 2003 and 2005 and he is award winner of the prize „Mandrake d’Or“ next to other famous magicians as David Copperfield and Siegfried & Roy.

 Goldrake supports a charity organization for children with cancer in Luxembourg and is national ambassador for „SOS Children villages“. He becomes a well desired entertainer for big corporate events and award shows such as the annual “GQ Men of the Year Award” in Berlin in November 2013. In 2008 he reached the semifinals of the TV Show “The Next Uri Geller” (Pro7). More than 5 million viewers followed the weekly TV show until the finales.

 When the world famous magician Siegfried saw his show at the “Magic Castle” - he wanted to meet David in person. David asked him for his honest feedback and Siegfried answered: “Hmm…everything was just fine. You did perform perfectly.”