Band Details

Andrew Strong was born in November 1973 in Dublin into a musical family as his father Rob Strong was one of the most pioneering rock singers in the 70’s and is still remains active in the business today.

Andrew got into the music at the age of 11 forming a band with school mates called “Perfect Stranger” in 1987.

In 1989, he joined his second band “League of Nations”, again while still in school,   playing mostly original material.

In 1990, Andrew got a call from John Hughes (The Corr’s Manager) asking him to come in and sing for Alan Parker ....Parker liked what he heard and kept asking Andrew to come back to sing..... After a week he got a call from Casting Director John Hubbard congratulating him on getting the part of Deco Cuffe for the Commitments.

1991 The Commitments was released to critical acclaim with the sound track selling over 12 million copies. Andrew was nominated for a BAFTA AWARD For Best supporting role and also for a Grammy for his Contribution in the Commitments.

Andrew has only ever performed with The Commitments after the movies premiere’s in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago & Dublin, also at a Bette Midler charity show at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, The  Grammys  & The David Letterman Show.

Recently Andrew rejoined The Commitments to mark the 20th anniversary of the Film with 4 shows in Ireland finishing at the O2 arena to a sold out show of 13,000 people  .........In total 24,000 people over 4 shows.

In 1992, after the movie's release, Andrew toured Europe, USA and Australia as there was a huge demand for in him to perform in these territories. This gave Andrew the time and experience to hone his craft as a live performer and get to see first hand how much his music and voice has touched so many people from  around the world.

Andrew toured Europe with Elton John in the Copenhagen Parken Stadium… Stockholm's Olympic Stadium.  He performed two songs along side Bryan Adams on stage at one of Bryan's shows in Adelaide Australia. Andrew also got to perform with one of his heroes, David Gilmore for a free amnesty international in Nottingham, England and also with Prince at the RDS in Dublin.

Andrew won “Best New Comer” at the Telcom Awards Presented by Mike Mills of REM

In 1993, Andrew recorded  his first solo album STRONG for MCA records in NY at the hit factory produced by Danny Kortchmar  which sold into platinum sales.

Between 1993 and 1994, Andrew toured Europe, while also touring with the Rolling Stones for eight shows (Voodoo Lounge tour), and Lenny Kravitz  on the “Are You Gonna Go My Way” Tour in Switzerland, and with ZZ Top in Germany

Andrew Guests on Nathan Cavaleri  record ( Working On It )  Epic Records

Andrew Features on Sound track "Working On It "  Hollywood Picture Film  (Camp Nowhere)

In 1995, Andrew moved  to LA  to write new material out there he performed with original BLUES BROTHERS BAND in the HOUSE OF BLUES in  Los Angeles and Boston's “House of Blues”.

In 1996, Andrew hooked up with Marty Fredriksen, a producer  from Orange County to record for his second album (Candy Coated Frown)  At Rumbo Studios in Los Angles, with all original material co written by Andrew - this album was shelved by MCA International.

1997 saw Andrew touring Europe playing festivals with Deep Purple and Meat loaf ,

1998 saw Andrew embark on a US tour, and he also recorded two duets with Danish Singer Jette Torp which sold over a 100,000 copies in Denmark

In 2000, Andrew recorded “Out Of Time” in Puk studios on the CMC Records label,   produced by Jan Sivertsen,  an album of r&b, soul and  rock classics which went  top 10  in all  Scandinavian charts for  35 Weeks, achieving platinum sales.

Ray Charles Presents Andrew with a Gold Record for “OUT OF TIME” for Denmark

In 2002 he recorded “Gypsy's Kiss”, returning to the laid back atmosphere at the Puk Studios that he enjoyed while recording the “Out Of Time” album. This album consisted of half original songs co written by Andrew, and the remaining tracks were covers. Produced by Jez Coad & Jan Siversten (Rec Art  EMI), the album went Top 20 across Scandinavia achieving platinum sales.

That year also saw Andrew being asked to perform for the Princess of Norway’s wedding in Throndheim.

In 2003, Andrew formed THE BONE YARD BOYS with Bent Larsen Petersen, a partnership which endures to the present day.

The BONE YARD BOYS music is more contemporary with  shades of Bowie, U2, Soundgarden, Sly, and pretty much everything what inspires them ... Through the years they feel they  have now carved out their  own sound which is now ready for fruition in 2011.

2004 Writing and recording for the Boneyard Boys  ...Performing at European Festivals .

2005 Andrew records “When I'm Coming Home” in Los Angles for the Film BROTHERS, directed by Academy Award winner Susanna Bier.

Andrew goes to LA to write new songs and prepare for his greatest hits album.

2006 saw the Greatest Hits album released by Sony BMG,  this record consists of tracks from all of Andrew’s previous recordings and a couple of new tracks co written by Andrew.

2006 & 2007 Toured Europe and Australia with Greatest Hits while also writing  & recording  with the BONEYARD BOYS.

2008 Writing and recording with Boneyard Boys, and playing festivals in Europe

In 2009, Andrew kicked off his first US East Coast tour since 1998, while also playing festivals in Europe, and also recording with the  Boneyard Boys.

2010 US West Coast tour and playing festivals in Europe.

2011 Andrew  starts recording the Bone Yard Boys Album due for release later that year.

The Commitments got back together in March for a reunion tour to mark the 20th anniversary of the movie with four  shows in Ireland ending in the O2 arena in Dublin to critical acclaim Playing to 24,000 people over 4 shows and also donating 30,000 euros to THE IRISH CANCER Society.

Between Andrew’s solo recordings , The Bone Yard Boys , & shows , he can have a nice bed of work in the can for all you to enjoy.