LA GUNS feat Phil Lewis & Tracii Guns (UK & IRELAND)


Band Details

In a year that saw reunions that were said could never happen, L.A. GUNS saved the best for last by closing out 2016 with a bombshell… band leaders PHIL LEWIS and TRACII GUNS decided that the special year end performances such as the September Hair Nation Festival in Los Angeles for thousands of fans,  along with their explosive set at the Cathouse 30th Anniversary show on the Sunset Strip, once again sparked the unmistakable chemistry that earned L.A. GUNS acclaim from their explosion onto the 80’s metal scene until they went their separate ways 15 years ago.
 2017 brings back the classic L.A. GUNS sound that fans know and love, with Lewis and Guns not only returning to the road for their first full blown tour in over a decade, but also new music for the first time since 2002! Rounding out the lineup are longtime L.A. GUNS collaborators guitarist Michael Grant, bassist Johnny Martin and drummer Shane Fitzgibbon.