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The PIST.ON show set to take place tonight - 8th March - at St. Vitus New York has been cancelled.
See following statement issued by the band.
Due to the snow storms in the New York area it has made it impractical to go ahead with tonight’s’ show. Although the snow was scheduled to stop by 12AM EST, we know that most fans and some of the band will not be able to travel from outlying areas which are badly affected with more snow than NYC.
We have no other option but to reschedule the show from March 8th to a later date. We are currently discussing with the venue and we will announce the new date soon.
This was a very difficult decision for us to take and we are all more than gutted, we have been looking forward to this night for so long. However we need to make safety a priority and take into consideration what’s in the best interest of the fans and band members travelling to and from the show.
We hope you all understand the decision taken by the band.